The sky is rising – how big media companies increase profits while using jobs as cheap excuse to restrict our freedom.

The study shows how the gaming, music, film, and book publishing industry shows nice growth numbers at times when most other industries struggle to stay afloat. At the same time, big media is lobbying for stiff copyright enforcement laws, claiming that widespread piracy costs countless media jobs. Something is not adding up here…


BashGuide – Possibly the Best Guide for Learning Bash

Ever tried to learn writing shell scripts for Linux? The bash shell is the most common shell and accordingly there is a lot of information on this topic on the Internet. Nevertheless, I always struggled with the bash script syntax – parameter expansion anyone?

Shell: A (possibly interactive) command interpreter, acting as a layer between the user and the system.
BASH: The Bourne Again Shell, a Bourne compatible shell.

Recently, I looked for a good tutorial on bash. The best one I found is the excellent BashGuide, a Wiki for helping people to learn bash. It certainly helped me to improve my (limited) shell scripting skills.