In my hometown our energy company releases 1200 cubic meters per second, year around, of dihydrogen monoxide. A compound well known to have killed more people than any other industrial agent. At any time the same energy company stores 10 000 000 000 cubic meters of dihydrogen monooxide just a few kilometers outside of my hometown.

This reckless pattern is the same all over the planet. All of our cities is filled with dihydrogen monoxide. And it is an ever growing problem.

I call for an emediate ban of dihydrogen monoxide, an agent known to kill thousands of people at a time!

Another thing that is not well known with this deadly industrial compound is that it often carries large amounts of proteinbased pollutants. Pollutants that ends up on our plates in large quantities. These nefarious pollutants are known to cause among other things fat induced health problems, and throat…

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